• Explosion Jones! Now on Go90!

    This was a fun one! Explosion Jones is a throwback series about Explosion Jones, an 80’s-style action hero raising his daughter Jenny all while fighting off bad guys in the most violent ways possible. It’s pretty silly. I had the opportunity to direct a lot of great actors like Mike Madsen, Danny Trejo, James Hong, and Vivica Fox who is such a blast to work with!


    Check it out here!


  • I Think My Healthcare Might Suck

    It’s been a busy year! New shows. New shorts. New shoes. Earlier this year I ran a Kickstarter to fund a screening party for this gem, which has gone on to be an official selection at the Hollyshorts Film Festival. That was an insane experience. Every short in there was Pixar quality! Each clearly took several years of dedicated work, large teams, and lots of investment. There were exceptional visual pieces, dramatic and heartbreaking stories, Cartoon Network pilots… then there was my short about balls, lonely grannies, and buildings shaped like pill bottles.
    Check it out here!

  • Greatest Party Story Ever Season 2 on MTV!

    Hey everybody! Last year I had the pleasure of directing a sketch for season 2 of Greatest Party Story Ever! It’s called “Caught in the Act.” It’s about a woman who tries to take a cute guy home, only to have him steal more than her heart.
    I’m a big fan of this show for being so ridiculous and featuring a lot of experimental animation/storytelling. Lots of love for everyone who works on it. Check it out!

  • Happy Holidays 2016 from Andrew!

    Hey everybody! I just spent the last week or two putting together a holiday animation for you all! I hope you enjoy it! Happy holidays!


  • Ricky The Rocket Ship Returns to TripTank!

    ricky macklemore

    Waaaay too long since my last update! A lot of new projects are on the horizon in various forms. The Convenience Store Diet pilot is complete and is making the rounds around town. And I’ve been doing a LOT of voice over lately. I also made time to go to Harry Potter at Universal Studios and it’s pretty dope!

    TripTank aired its last Ricky sketch last week. This one is one of my favorites. Ricky tries to use his magical, innocent charm to break up a gang fight. You probably can guess that it doesn’t end up all peaches and rainbows. It features me as Macklemore and as one of the gang leaders. I had the wonderful opportunity to acting along side the great Aries Spears and Tom Kenny. It’s pretty ridiculous.

    Special thanks to everyone who made this whole adventure possible. Who knew so many people would love a rocket ship who kills children! And thank you for watching it over the years!

    You can watch the sketch and the rest of the episode here: http://www.cc.com/full-episodes/f07uar/triptank-the-d-o-n-g–season-2-ep-219

  • New Voice Over Animation Reel

    Hey everybody!


    So many projects/things going on. Finishing up the Convenience Store Diet animated show, volume 5 of the comics, and also just recorded some games and cartoons. Figured this would be a cool time to put together a video animation reel of my voice over work for everyone to check out. Hope you’re doing well!



  • Greatest Party Story Ever now on MTV!

    I had the pleasure of directing a really fun story for a really cool animated show on MTV called “Greatest Party Story Ever!”  My sketch was called, “Vaminos Amigos,” the story about… eh, the clip does it better justice.


    Vaminos Amigos Trailer Pic

    Greatest Party Story Ever – Vaminos Amigos

  • Animals premieres Feb. 5th @ 11:30p.m. on HBO!

    Last year, while I was acting on Like, Share, Die, I was also helping show creators Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano (with EPs Mark and Jay Duplass) as they made their show, Animals. We were getting two episodes ready for Sundance to premiere. I even voiced two random lines in there myself!

    Little did we all know that, a year later, it would end up on HBO!

    Animals premieres February 5th @ 11:30p.m. It’s a really funny show made by some really funny people with a really funny cast and an insanely talented group of artists. It’s about Animals in New York City. That’s about all I can say for now 🙂


    Super stoked to share this one with everyone! Hope you watch it! Here’s a sneak peak…

  • Blade & Soul Reaches 1 Million Players in First Week!

    Blade & Soul reaches one million player mark in less than a week!

    Last year I was in a game; it was one of my first big ones. I didn’t think of it as a big deal, as I’ve recorded games before. I went in, had a total blast with everyone involved as we had some fantastic record sessions, played some one to two dozen characters, and that was it for me.

    Then I found out the game was wildly popular upon its American release. A million people played it in its first week! How exciting! If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, here’s the trailer. It looks really cool and people seem to really like it! What do you think?

  • Ricky is Back!!!

    Season two of TripTank is back, and Ricky the Rocket Ship returns with three more adventures! Here’s the latest one:

    And… the guys at Bubble Blabber gave the sketch the top pick of the episode!

    Always a pleasure to work with Joel and the team! Great work everybody!