• New Cartoons!

    Hey Everyone,

    Here’s a cartoon I starred in for Spindo a while back! I remember “my own flying theme music” was one of my favorite parts to record. Maybe if the show takes off, we can record the studio track of it featuring Bruce Springsteen and Sia.


  • Ricky The Rocket Ship Returning This Fall To Comedy Central!

    I’m terrible with updates. And math. But I know that when you add U and I together, you get UI, which is one letter short of spelling, “oui,” which means, “yes” in French. And I think you’ll want to say yes to another season of TripTank on Comedy Central.
    Yep! And according to this press release, my Ricky The Rocket Ship character that I created last season is coming back!
    It’s a happy hit to the feels to see our animated sketch series get promoted alongside the premieres of Nathan For You, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, South Park, and several other shows! Check it out!


  • Convenience Store Diet Kickstarter is Here!

    Do you like animated shows? Well then, I’ve got the show for you! It’s a show about a bunch of late 20-somethings trying to make sense of their lives. And along the way a dude gets jammed in the eye with a selfie stick. Check it out!

    Check it out!

    So far the campaign has been exciting. Many people have jumped on the cool rewards, like being drawn into the show and getting DVDs from celebrity friends!

    If you’re into comics, animation, and comedy, then this is for you!

  • Convenience Store Diet Kickstarter March 16th! Get Ready!


    I’m launching a Kickstarter for Convenience Store Diet on March 16th! So if you’re a fan of the comics or my work, prepare for a lot more craziness!


    When I started the comic, I was in my late 20’s and my 1/3 life crisis was looming. I felt like I was growing behind the times. I just got a smartphone and couldn’t keep up with the related culture. I still can’t. And I struggled between being satisfied with myself and not being satisfied with the changing world. I wanted to explore that artistically, but the comic wasn’t going to be enough. So I wrote an episode in which our characters Andrew, Kelly, and Craig realize they’ve fallen behind the times. They’ve ignored upgrading their lives and entering the smartphone age. But with that upgrade comes in the world of technological douchebaggery. And now that it’s all flooding in at once, they can barely handle it! The episode explores the ideas of growing up while being a grown up. And all of this with the evolving crass, in your face, hyperbolic humor you’ve enjoyed from me over the years.


    So far pre-production is done. What you see above is a still with the characters composited into one of the actual production backgrounds, as they would look in the show. Using an innovative animation system, the characters will move pretty fluidly and it’ll look cool! Not bad for mostly one dude in his free time.


    The goal now is to raise funds for the stuff I can’t do just solely do on my own in a reasonable time frame. Animation. Music. Mixing. Plus there will be miscellaneous costs as well. While network TV shows cost millions of dollars, I’m only raising 1% of that to get you a whole episode of an animated show!


    Rewards are going to be insane, too! I have celebrity guests coming to help as well as ridiculous/awesome rewards. I know Kickstarters can be overwhelming to some, so I’ll make it easy. If you donate you’ll get the show AND a PDF of comics. You’ll at least have some comics to hold you over while the project gets made! Higher rewards will include being drawn into the show, buttons, comics, a mystery box, and a ridiculous reward that I can’t quite mention yet. You’ll just have to wait and see!


    So please, on March 16th, enjoy the process with me! Here’s what you can do:

    1. Drop coin and get a cool show and cool comics!
    2. Share with your friends the Kickstarter and let people know you believe in this project and the talented artists behind it who deserve a chance to have their voices heard.
    3. Spread the word! I’m slowly getting better at publicity, but if you know someone with a cool blog, podcast, radio show, or have one of your own, let’s do an interview! I’ve got years of experience on 25 productions and no shortage of things to talk about.


    Thanks everyone! You’re awesome!


  • Like Share Die

    I’m in a bunch of episodes for this animated sketch show! Special thanks to casting director Andrew Jones for bringing me in!

  • Animals!

    Mark and Jay Duplass make some of the films I admire most in this industry. So it was a joy to get my two lines in an episode of Animals, their project they produced which aired at Sundance! Special thanks to two of the nicest guys in this industry and the show creators, Mike Luciano and Phil Matarese! Here’s the trailer for it (sans me).

  • Sunset Overdrive is out for X-Box!

    It’s been too long, but that just means it’s also been busy!

    This summer I had the privilege of working with Microsoft during E3 to promote their game Sunset Overdrive. How? By interacting with gamers as a 50 foot Fizzie balloon above the south hall! Check it out!

    Other noteworthy events:

      We are reairing Your Dungeon My Dragon on Geek and Sundry! With a new version of Das Box!
      Outlands is back up for viewing!
      I’ve sold out of comics the past two conventions for Convenience Store Diet!
      I’ve voiced characters on multiple pilots this year!
      My new voice over booth (courtesy of Custom Vocal Booths) will be featured on an upcoming episode of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory!
      The Convenience Store Diet animated pilot is mostly cast and production is starting up soon!

    …and there are many other things in the works, too, so stay tuned!

  • Great Reviews for TripTank!

    Two of my sketches, “Screwing in the Dark” and “Dr. Glasgow M.D.,” received the highest accolades from the site Junkie Monkeys! Pretty awesome!

    Here’s the article!

    And, here’s some more positive press!

    Bubble Blabber praises Ricky The Rocketship and calls Dr. Glasgow M.D. (AKA Dr. Magic) the sketch of the show!

  • TripTank Season Finale

    Big news! I wrote/acted in/directed a few big sketches for TripTank’s season finale! In case you missed it, here they are: “Dr. Glasgow MD” and “Screwing in the Dark.” Both are in two parts, and I’ll post part 2 of “Screwing” when it’s live.


    Special thanks to Shelley Low, Aaron Long, Natasha Fishman, Brian Kaufman, Giorgion Rennas, Tristram Waples, Ben Lepley, Misty Lee, and everyone else who made this happen.


  • Writing/Acting/Directing for Comedy Central’s TripTank

    What a journey! Ten years in Los Angeles and this is definitely a highlight of my professional career. I wrote/acted/directed for an animated sketch comedy show called TripTank. The show airs Wednesday nights at 10:30p.m. on Comedy Central.

    My first piece of work can be seen in the clip below, entitled “Ricky The Rocket Ship.” I wrote this one and even play the jogger character. Directed by Joel Moser, this is a crowd favorite and that is awesome! Be on the look out for the last episode, where you’ll see an original short produced by me and another piece I wrote. My voice can be heard throughout the series, too. So enjoy everyone!